Tips for choosing the best wall storage unit

A wall storage unit is a type of furniture that is stand-alone or built-in. It is a combination that usually consists of cabinets, dining room hutches, closets, or even open shelves that are typically set against or are forming a broader wall space. Most of the time, broader wall space is at the side of the room. The type of wall shelving units  will vary from the size, the materials that have been used to make it up, to the purpose you want it to serve.


Uses of wall units

Wall shelving units will help keep your things neatly and orderly with an apparent line of sight.

It will also reduce the need for extra storage furniture in your living or dining room, like having extra shelves, cupboards, and cabinets.

If you have children and you are afraid of storing dangerous sharp objects on an open shelf, then shelves for wall will save you the trouble.

Wall storage units also lead to efficient use of space, ensuring that you have not wasted the space you have. Wall storage units also help one to declutter and have a visually uniform room.


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Factors to consider before buying wall units

When buying a wall storage unit, consider if it is in harmony with your other home furnishings and decor. The color, texture, and design should not be exceptional from your other furniture in the room. Different storage units have different styles, and it depends on your needs to determine which unit will fit into your space.

Purpose of the wall units

It would be best if you had an idea of what purpose the wall unit shelving will be helpful with. It helps you plan the type of unit you want to fit a specific purpose. Shelves for wall can be installed all-round the house, the kitchen area, or the laundry room to help with storage. Whatever the case, choose a wall unit shelving that will serve you right.

The cost

Different storage units have different prices. Considering your budget and the installation cost to help you evaluate which particular wall storage unit you will afford.


Commercial Wall Unit Shelving

Are you looking for a durable and reliable solution for storing, organizing and protecting your inventory? If your answer is yes, look no further than wall unit shelving. These storage units offer a versatile and cost effective solution for the majority of your stock. Ideal for any type of retail store including groceries, clothing stores and even supermarkets, these shelving units can provide you with an effective and organized way to properly store your stock. In addition, they can add a professional touch to any retail location by keeping your products organized and easily accessible.

For the quickest way to access your stock when it is on display or near the check out counter, a wall unit shelving system with a roll top is the best way to go. With 3 and 4 compartment shelves ranging in heights from 48 to 98, no storage project is too big or small when using wall units to house your stock. When proudly displaying large branded products like liquor bottles or pet food, strongly suggest that tie-in all wall units securely to the wall with a heavy furring strip so that your items do not fall off the shelves.

We offer wall shelving units in a wide variety of styles and colors to compliment any retail location whether it be at a mall, a warehouse or even your home. If you are interested in decorating your home with wall shelving units, we offer a large variety of beautiful custom shelving units to meet your individual needs and personal tastes. Our custom shelving units come in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes and finishes to accommodate any decor. If you are looking for wall shelving that will provide added durability for your products, we offer a number of shelf coatings to help keep your items on display. Whether you are shopping for an item to display at home or if you need a large variety of products that can be used at home, our large variety of retail wall shelving units will accommodate your every need.

Commercial grade wall unit shelving is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent damage to your items. Our heavy duty steel shelving comes with a powder coat finish and can be installed in any type of retail environment. Commercial wall shelving comes equipped with a locking door and a double wall support system to ensure maximum security and stability. Commercial shelving is used to display a wide variety of products ranging from flowers, canned goods, books, art supplies, clothing, jewelry and more.

Our wall shelving comes in a variety of heights from eight to forty eight inches. Either type of wall shelving will provide unmatched stability and support for any product. Our steel shelving comes standard in black and white or a combination of colors. We can also customize your order with a company logo or design. If you would like to purchase our standard color shelving we can also make that possible.

We carry wall unit shelving in several styles including open shelving and enclosed shelving systems. The most popular type of wall unit shelving is the wall shelving with a locking door. This type of unit can be locked with a padlock to keep small children safe. Other styles of wall shelving offer open shelving on one or both sides for easy accessibility. In our enclosed wall unit shelving system you will find several compartments and hangers to organize your belongings. Hangers are available in various widths to allow you to choose the size that best fits your needs.

Retail and Wall-Mount Shelves

A series of store fixtures that displays objects on a wall with shelves. For example, cabinets have open shelves and closed shelves. The open shelf units are used for decorative purposes and the closed shelves are used for storage. Most examples of wall unit shelving include retail shelving, gondola shelving, and wall unit shelving. Wall unit shelving consists of single sided retail shelving units that consist of a back panel which can contain either pegboard, slatwall, gridwall, or solid wooden board which is designed to face the wall. A great example of single sided retail shelving unit is a chalkboard wall unit which can store up to a thousand pieces of chalk.

A wide span shelving system consists of wide shelf systems that have a flexible open shelf and at the same time offer security. Wide-span shelving can be installed in a wide range of commercial or residential buildings. One example of wide-sphere shelving is heavy merchandise rack shelving which is ideal for heavy merchandise such as paintings, antique furniture, musical instruments, textiles, etc. A typical heavy merchandise rack is made from metal, wood, fiberglass, or plastic and can accommodate up to twenty percent more weight than the average wall units. These racks are commonly used in department stores, industrial shops, furniture stores, and bookstores.

Decorative wall unit shelving includes fixtures such as shelves, hooks, brackets, and racks. These decorative wall fixtures are generally used to beautify store shelving units and they can be a combination of decorative fixtures or a full-fledged wall unit. Decorative fixtures include gondola shelving which features open shelves. The gondola shelving is also available in different styles such as open shelf, inset shelf, among others. Other types of decorative fixtures include decorative wall fixtures, wire shelves, corner shelves, cubby shelves, and many more.

Wire shelves are popular fixtures used to enhance retail wall units. Wire shelving units are typically used to display products in the long run. Such shelving system includes a small open shelf, two or more shelves, and a wire support rod at the bottom. Some wire shelving can have up to three levels and come with locking devices. Other retail wall fixtures include acrylic shelves, corner shelves, wire baskets, wall mount shelves, corner boxes, square brackets, studs, and lots more.

There are different types of wall shelves which vary depending on their sizes, colors, materials, shapes, textures, and forms. For small retail stores, corner wall shelves are ideal as they help store small items. They make a great option for children’s toys and CDs. Corner shelves can be purchased in different shapes and colors such as square shelves, triangle shelves, octagon shelves, and rectangle shelves.

Metal units are preferred by most of the consumers because they are durable, look elegant, and are available in many styles and colors. Plastic units are available in both clear and frosted shades and are very easy to clean. Most of the plastic units are sturdy and are good at holding products. Consumers prefer wall-mounted shelves as they can save space, increase productivity, and offer a more organized work place.

How to Use Space under the Stairs

There can never be enough storage in your house, and that is why it would be good to take advantage of every space you find in your house. Most people have never imagined that they could use the space under the stairs for storing some of their items. You will be surprised at how helpful under stair storage can be. If you are wondering how you can use that space underneath your staircase, stick around for some under stairs storage ideas.


You can create an ultimate nook

That space under your stairs is enough to place a comfortable bench and bookshelf. Once the bench and the under stairs shelves are set, you can add a lamp and fluffy pillows for the best reading spot. Instead of having to deal with all the noise from the members of your family, look for under stairs ideas that will enable you to create a spot for reading quietly.


Stealthy Storage

If you want to get more storage space in your home, you should ensure that you utilize the one under the stairs. Adding under stairs storage cabinets and drawers will give you enough space for storing some of the things that you have been wondering where to store. Some canines will offer under stairs shoe storage space, and you will love what that space has to offer. There is so much space hiding beneath, and that is why you need to add under stairs shelves for storing whatever you want.


Covert Laundry Room

If your house does not have a laundry room, you can create one under the stairs. We all know that a large percentage of houses in city areas lack a laundry room, but this should not worry you because under stairs space will save you much. You will be able to store your washer and drier in that space and keep them out of sight. Make sure that you place your laundry supplies on the built-in counters. You can check Tylko’s website to get under stairs storage ideas (


You can create supreme storage under stairs storage

We all know that the space under the stairs is usually the most trafficked, and people tend to clutter it. However, adding shelves will provide under stairs shoe storage; you can also store anything as long as it can fit, be it books, house supplies, and many more. All you just need to do is to get the best under stairs ideas and transform that space to make it as functional as possible.