Retail and Wall-Mount Shelves

A series of store fixtures that displays objects on a wall with shelves. For example, cabinets have open shelves and closed shelves. The open shelf units are used for decorative purposes and the closed shelves are used for storage. Most examples of wall unit shelving include retail shelving, gondola shelving, and wall unit shelving. Wall unit shelving consists of single sided retail shelving units that consist of a back panel which can contain either pegboard, slatwall, gridwall, or solid wooden board which is designed to face the wall. A great example of single sided retail shelving unit is a chalkboard wall unit which can store up to a thousand pieces of chalk.

A wide span shelving system consists of wide shelf systems that have a flexible open shelf and at the same time offer security. Wide-span shelving can be installed in a wide range of commercial or residential buildings. One example of wide-sphere shelving is heavy merchandise rack shelving which is ideal for heavy merchandise such as paintings, antique furniture, musical instruments, textiles, etc. A typical heavy merchandise rack is made from metal, wood, fiberglass, or plastic and can accommodate up to twenty percent more weight than the average wall units. These racks are commonly used in department stores, industrial shops, furniture stores, and bookstores.

Decorative wall unit shelving includes fixtures such as shelves, hooks, brackets, and racks. These decorative wall fixtures are generally used to beautify store shelving units and they can be a combination of decorative fixtures or a full-fledged wall unit. Decorative fixtures include gondola shelving which features open shelves. The gondola shelving is also available in different styles such as open shelf, inset shelf, among others. Other types of decorative fixtures include decorative wall fixtures, wire shelves, corner shelves, cubby shelves, and many more.

Wire shelves are popular fixtures used to enhance retail wall units. Wire shelving units are typically used to display products in the long run. Such shelving system includes a small open shelf, two or more shelves, and a wire support rod at the bottom. Some wire shelving can have up to three levels and come with locking devices. Other retail wall fixtures include acrylic shelves, corner shelves, wire baskets, wall mount shelves, corner boxes, square brackets, studs, and lots more.

There are different types of wall shelves which vary depending on their sizes, colors, materials, shapes, textures, and forms. For small retail stores, corner wall shelves are ideal as they help store small items. They make a great option for children’s toys and CDs. Corner shelves can be purchased in different shapes and colors such as square shelves, triangle shelves, octagon shelves, and rectangle shelves.

Metal units are preferred by most of the consumers because they are durable, look elegant, and are available in many styles and colors. Plastic units are available in both clear and frosted shades and are very easy to clean. Most of the plastic units are sturdy and are good at holding products. Consumers prefer wall-mounted shelves as they can save space, increase productivity, and offer a more organized work place.