How to Use Space under the Stairs

There can never be enough storage in your house, and that is why it would be good to take advantage of every space you find in your house. Most people have never imagined that they could use the space under the stairs for storing some of their items. You will be surprised at how helpful under stair storage can be. If you are wondering how you can use that space underneath your staircase, stick around for some under stairs storage ideas.


You can create an ultimate nook

That space under your stairs is enough to place a comfortable bench and bookshelf. Once the bench and the under stairs shelves are set, you can add a lamp and fluffy pillows for the best reading spot. Instead of having to deal with all the noise from the members of your family, look for under stairs ideas that will enable you to create a spot for reading quietly.


Stealthy Storage

If you want to get more storage space in your home, you should ensure that you utilize the one under the stairs. Adding under stairs storage cabinets and drawers will give you enough space for storing some of the things that you have been wondering where to store. Some canines will offer under stairs shoe storage space, and you will love what that space has to offer. There is so much space hiding beneath, and that is why you need to add under stairs shelves for storing whatever you want.


Covert Laundry Room

If your house does not have a laundry room, you can create one under the stairs. We all know that a large percentage of houses in city areas lack a laundry room, but this should not worry you because under stairs space will save you much. You will be able to store your washer and drier in that space and keep them out of sight. Make sure that you place your laundry supplies on the built-in counters. You can check Tylko’s website to get under stairs storage ideas (


You can create supreme storage under stairs storage

We all know that the space under the stairs is usually the most trafficked, and people tend to clutter it. However, adding shelves will provide under stairs shoe storage; you can also store anything as long as it can fit, be it books, house supplies, and many more. All you just need to do is to get the best under stairs ideas and transform that space to make it as functional as possible.