More than just first impressions.

Check out our latest beautiful studio desk setup created using a 246cm Ikea Barkaboda worktop onto of Ikea Nordly drawers. The plants are Bird of Paradise and Dracaena and the pots are also from Ikea. But what really makes this setup pop is that slick looking 27UL850 monitor which is LG’s new 4K display. That is held up by a Bontec monitor arm for that spacious, minimalist look. This is powered by a MacBook Pro which sits in the top drawer of the desk.

The peripherals.

For the peripherals no studio would be complete without the popular Logitech MX Keys keyboard and MX Anywhere mice, but the keyboard we really love is that super slick, minimalist Satechi Compact Backlit Keyboard. The headphones are our favourite Marshall MID’s, the phone is the OnePlus 6T, the glasses are by Ace & Tate and the brass pen is the DOIY Hex Pen. These neatly sit on a felt desk mat.

The mood.

Audio is provided by the Cambridge Soundworks THX speakers, which we have stood the test of time over many many years. The second, smaller laptop is the 13 inch MacBook, sat on a Tiny Tower stand, to keep it eye level, causing less neck strain.

The mood is set by the app controlled iLC colour changing light bulb and the desk lighting is the Philips Hue Lightstrip plus.

Next on our shopping list will be the designers favourite, colour accurate BenQ PD2720U display. And maybe a second desk too… we have our eyes on the solid iroko desk!

All in all this is the perfect home or studio desk setup or for anyone working in a creative industry.