This isometric Artwork by artist Ben Frisbee is inspired by a mix of Escher style and colours in 80s Miami Vice style.

The term isometric is originally a Greek word which means having equal measurement’. It’s a method for the visual representation of three-dimension objects in two dimension and it’s a form of orthographic projection. Isometric illustration is using a technique called isometric projection, In which any three-dimensional object can be depicted on a flat two-dimensional surface.

Escher Dutch graphic artist who is known for his mathematically-inspired woodcuts and lithographs. He was for very long time ignored within the art world, even in his own country Netherlands. He was in his seventies before a retrospective exhibition was held. He only appreciated within the twenty-first century,  with exhibitions across the planet. Escher’s works features mathematical objects and operations including impossible objects.


A3 : 29.7 x 42.0cm
A2 : 42.0 x 59.4cm


This isometric artwork – Escher style can be posted to you at A3 and A2 size printout. Or it can be emailed to you as a digital vector file for you to print yourself as many times as you like and at any size you wish.

Unfortunately the frame not included at the moment.

About the artist:

Ben Frisbee  has a creative career as a freelance Graphic Designer, working with clients such as Red Bull, Channel 4 and BMW.

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